Simple pleasures

What’s up Doc?

If you’re getting a bit fed up of sweet potato fries, or are avoiding potatoes in general, these carrots are a great alternative. I’d choose them over fries nine times out of ten anyway, they’re so good. I’d love to have a Josper grill at home, just so i could call these Josper Carrots, but that would be a step too far.

I’ve made them many times before, each time just throwing in what spices took my fancy. This time, I just used the ones left out from last night’s curry. Use what you feel like, and to be honest, they also taste great with bought curry powder.

2 Responses to “What’s up Doc?”

  1. mawarre

    Really like the look of these! I’m on a medically supervised diet which has severly limited my intake of potatoes, breads and other cereals (Sigh!) Feeling the benefits of fewer kilos and other health improvements, but stil miss the yumminess of the odd mash and baked sweet potato fries. Been doing lots with carrots, including a spicy carrot soup that is to die for, and your recipe is going to be tried out today. Thanks for sharing. margaret
    PS: Love the photo, too.

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