Simple pleasures

Chicken Kebab

I have no idea why it’s so hard to buy a single pepper in the supermarket sometimes. I wanted a red one but they only had multicoloured multipacks. Maybe it’s the only way to get rid of the orange and yellow ones. No one gets left behind.

I only really use red and green ones (a chilli is not a chilli without green pepper), so I thought I’d push the boat out, go crazy and wild and use orange ones with this recipe. And they worked nicely. I didn’t have to hold my nose as I ate. They added just a little sweetness against the herbs and cut through with the onion.

We had these with as a quick supper with tomato and cucumber salad, some asparagus and a couple of pitta breads.

Ingredients for four skewers
2 chicken breasts, cubed
1 orange pepper, cut into chunks
1 large red onion, cut into chunks
1 large sprig of rosemary, leaves only, chopped
1 large sprig of young thyme
Salt and Pepper
A pinch of chilli flakes
Olive oil

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and leave to marinate for about an hour if you can.
Thread alternate chicken, pepper and onion on the skewers and then pour over any remaining oil from the bowl.
Grill for about five minutes each side until nicely charred. Be careful to not overcook them.
Serve with flatbreads and salads

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