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Chilli and Garlic Squid with Courgette

Bee has gone out again, leaving me alone to play with my favourite cupboard in the kitchen, The Cabinet of Curiosities. For once, though, I’m not tempted by dried fish souflé with truffle juice and barberry powder. As tempting as that may sound to you, you’ll have to write that recipe yourself. Don’t fear though, here’s a five minute dish that is the epitome of quick, simple cooking with good, fresh ingredients. I don’t often eat squid at home, so tonight was the perfect opportunity. The cupboard can wait.

Squid, quickly seared and served with a little kick of chilli flakes, salt and pepper is one of my favourite snacks. Even better if it’s in a light batter. Batter light than never I always say. The perfect sunshine accompaniment to a cold sparkling drink outside.

You could use papardelle pasta if you prefer the carbs, but I was on a low calorie day anyway so held back.

Ingredients (for two people)
250g small squid
1 Courgette
2 small cloves of garlic, crushed
1 red chilli, as hot as you like
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Lemon zest

Shave some ribbons of courgette with a vegetable peeler and sauté them for no longer than a minute with the garlic and a sliced red chilli. Put that on the side, heat the pan to vesuvius levels, throw in a splash of olive oil and cook your well seasoned squid for about a minute each side before mixing with the courgette.
Serve with lemon zest, a good twist of pepper and some chilli flakes. Pretty easy really.

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