Simple pleasures

The Perfect Omelette, or an oeuf is an oeuf.

omelette with cheese
I always want chips and a green salad with my omelette. It may sound like something you’d get in the greasiest of London cafés, but my memory of it is sitting outside a brasserie in Grenoble, the sun flickering through the leaves in the square. I drank citron pressé, which is de rigeur, naturellement.

An omelette, done well is the best. But it’s so easy to mess up. So here’s my quick cut out and keep guide to the perfect omelette:

Get an omelette pan. They’re cheap, but do the job they’re designed for. Iron, no coating and no plastic handles. Heat it for about ten minutes before cooking. This means there won’t be any cold spots.

Use rapeseed oil. Not too much. High smoke point.  Get it very hot before adding the eggs.

Lightly whisk three good eggs per omelette in a bowl 40 times with a fork. Season and add a splash of milk.

Pour the mixture into the pan and draw the egg in to the centre from the outside. An omelette should take no longer than one minute to cook.

Don’t overcook it. Stop while it’s still slightly runny. It will continue to cook on the plate.

Add the cheese at the end and fold the omelette before sliding it out of the pan.

Keep it simple. Dried herbes de Provence, some cheese and ham at most.

Serve immediately. That’s it.

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