Simple pleasures


A simple one today to serve with an aperitif when you have friends round.

You can buy quails’ eggs ready hard-boiled and peeled if you like, I often do. To be honest, in this case it’s probably easier and less fiddly than boiling and peeling your own.

I’ve done these before with smoked paprika, but today a sprinkle of garam masala took my fancy. Paired with the crunch of pistachio and the fragrance of coriander they went perfectly with some cold ginger beer.

Just roll the eggs in the spice mix and drizzle with a little olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. Again, you can use ready-made garam masala or make your own. Depends how much time you have to spare before your guests arrive, which, if like me will be none as we struggle to get the children to bed while only wearing one sock…

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