Simple pleasures

Claws is Coming to Town

My freezer is sometimes an Aladdin’s cave, sometimes a forgotten morgue. I’ve found pigs trotters, prawn and lobster shells, strange soups and chicken bones bagged and labeled under Thai broths, strange soup experiments and well intentioned litre upon litre of stock.

While it’s great for fish fingers and other things for the children, I really need to be better at keeping it organised. I need a chest freezer in the shed for the bodies  more experimental stuff that I will use, just not on a daily, home basis.

On one of the semi-regular inventories, I found a bag of crab claws, cooked and still with the tip attached. While nowhere near fresh crab, it’s still a good back up for a quick snack.
Defrosted, pepped up a little with spice, topped with the crunch of hazelnut, the fresh mineral zing of spinach and dipped in this lemony piquante mayonnaise, it made a great surprise lunch. Not that lunch was a surprise, it usually happens, more that is was better than the limp lettuce I had in the salad drawer. And that’s another story…

A load of cooked crab claws, frozen or fresh
1tbsp Cayenne pepper
1tsp chilli flakes
A handful of chopped baby spinach leaves
A handful of chopped hazelnuts
Salt and pepper
Mayonnaise made in the usual way but with:
1tbsp ground fenugreek
1tbsp lemon juice
2tbsp olive oil
1tbsp Dijon mustard

Make the mayonnaise, stirring in the extra ingredients and tasting to check the seasoning.
Put the crab claws in a bowl and toss around in the spices, spinach and nuts. Season well.
Serve the crab with the mayonnaise and some ice cold ginger beer.

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