Simple pleasures

On the isle of Capri

Ahh, the isle of Capri. It’s rugged landscape, the Blue Grotto, the dramatic cove-studded coastline, it’s handmade leather sandals…

That’s what captivates everyone I imagine, the sandals. I’ve never been, of course. I’ve always thought of it as a car until I heard Sinatra singing about it. But what I do know it has given the world is its salad. And while it’s another version of tomatoes and cheese, which seems to often be a favourite combination in salads that are named after their provenance, the basil and creamy mozzarella make this one really shine.

The only thing to mention with this is that there is absolutely no point in making this unless you use really good tomatoes, really good, creamy mozzarella and excellent olive oil. And don’t serve cold.

About ten to fifteen minutes before serving, season the sliced tomatoes with salt and olive oil. They will release some of their flavourful juices  making a tastier dish. I like to use a mix of beef tomatoes and cherry ones for a little sweet sharpness against the cheese.

Rip the mozzarella, one small ball per person, scatter over with fresh, torn basil leaves and give a good twist of pepper and perhaps a dash of good balsamic if you like. Serve straight away with crusty bread. 

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